Booking a Collecto

Taking a shared taxi in three easy steps:

1. Book

There are several ways in which you can book depending on whether or not your details are already registered with the Collecto database: by telephone, answering machine, text message or via an app.

  • Book using a smartphone app

Download the Collecto mobile app onto your smartphone, which is available free of charge on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) and create your account.

Find yourself on a map and find the closest Collecto pick-up point. Simply follow the indicated path to reach it.

The app also enables you to view a photo of the pick-up stop and receive the number of the driver assigned to you.

Monitor the arrival of your Collecto in real-time on the map.

Watch a YouTube video on how the Collecto app works.

  • Book by telephone

Pick-up by shared taxi is scheduled on the hour or half hour (for example, 1am 1.30am, ...) between 11pm and 6am (last pick-up).

If you are using the system for the first time, the ride must be booked at least twenty minutes before the desired pick-up time with the telephone call centre on 02 800 36 36.

The following information must be given to the telephone operator:

  • your name and address;
  • your Collecto pick-up point selected from the list of defined stops (see map). The number and name of the pick-up stop must be provided to avoid any misunderstanding;
  • the desired date and time (every 30 minutes between 11pm and 6am) at which you want the shared taxi;
  • whether or not you have an STIB season ticket;
  • the number of people who may be accompanying you to the same destination (4 maximum);
  • a destination address in the Brussels-Capital Region.

The telephone operator will then give you the price of the taxi ride. The rate is €6 per person per ride. If you can show your STIB season ticket or MOBIB card to the driver, you only have to pay €5.

The requests for each passenger must be made separately unless the pick-up and destination points are identical.
Please note that no change can be made to the journey during the taxi ride.

  • Book by answering machine

If you have previously used Collecto and your name, address and telephone number are already known, you can also book your ride using the answering machine 02 800.36.36. Simply leave a message giving the information referred to in the "Telephone booking" section above.

  • Book by text message

This service can only be used if your destination corresponds to your favourite/principal address registered with the Collecto call centre under your mobile number. If in doubt, telephone first on 02 800 36 36.

Send a booking text message to 0493 49 49 49 in the following format (normal rate): Number of people.Time.Collecto pick-up point number

For times, please use the following four-digit format: 2330 for 11.30pm, 2400 for midnight, 0030 for half-past midnight, 0200 for 2am...

Please note that there are no spaces before or after the full stops.

For example: a person called Martin(*) who is at Collecto pick-up point no. 160 at 11.30pm wants to go home to Place des Bienfaiteurs no. 3, 1030 Brussels(*)

text message "1.2330.160"

After sending your text message, if the format is correct, you will receive a free validation text message: "1 pers at 23:30 at stop 160 Chaussee de Bruxelles 5, 1190 for Place des Bienfaiteurs 3, 1030"

Check the stop, the destination and the number of people for the same destination before confirming because the Collecto driver cannot deviate from the planned itinerary.

If you have made a mistake, do not confirm the order by sending "22" but simply send a corrected text message.

To confirm your booking, send 22 to 0493 49 49 49 (normal rate). Please do not use the "reply" function from your device. Once your confirmation has been sent, you will receive a second free text message confirming that your order has been recorded.

Note that once your order is confirmed, Collecto will no longer respond to other text messages from your mobile for one hour. However, you can still contact the Collecto call centre on 02 800 36 36.

Any cancellation must be made from the same telephone number as that used to place your order, and done so at least twenty minutes before the pick-up time.

2. Pick-up

You must be at the Collecto pick-up point at the time agreed with the Collecto call centre. The Collecto taxi will still pick you within 10 minutes of the appointed time at the latest. The taxi can be recognised by the Collecto logo affixed to the vehicle's front windscreen. Give your name to the driver to make sure that you are getting in the right shared taxi. After confirmation, you pay for the ride immediately (€5 or €6 per person) and the driver will give you a receipt with the date and the amount for the ride.

3. Arrival

You are dropped off at the address of your choice.