Conversion of a van into a caravan/motor home


Written authorisation from the manufacturer is required to approve the conversion of a vehicle (usually N) into a motorhome. Authorisation may be granted by the agent or official importer of the vehicle. The conversion cannot be started if this authorisation cannot be presented.


As soon as authorisation is received, the vehicle can be converted. Both the owner and a body shop can perform this conversion. The vehicle must comply with the Royal Decree of 15 March 1968, Chapter 1, Article 1, paragraph 2, item 69. The decree in question can be found via the following link (§2, definition number 69):  LAW - WET (

Conversion into a motor home is only possible if the vehicle includes a living space with at least the following equipment:

  • seat and table
  • beds (created with or without the use of seats)
  • kitchen space
  • storage space

This equipment must be permanently attached, but the table can be designed to be easily removable. The vehicle must correspond to the motorhome philosophy, according to which it must be possible to stay in it comfortably.

Visit a technical inspection centre

Once the conversions have been carried out, an appointment must be made at an approved technical inspection centre. You must follow this step if you have carried out the conversions yourself, whereas a body shop does not have to follow this step. The intention is to have the converted vehicle and accompanying documents checked through your own efforts. The technical service creates a file and sends it to us for inspection.

Required documents:

  • original registration certificate
  • COC - PVA if available
  • manufacturer's agreement
  • design plan
  • installation instructions
  • etc.

Payment request

You will have to pay a fee to the technical service for the inspection of the vehicle, as well as a fee for the processing of the file by the Brussels-Capital Region. This way, we can process your file as quickly as possible.

Please note that payment for a file does not guarantee that a certificate of approval will be issued.

The new certificate

The technical inspection centre where you had the vehicle inspected will notify you as soon as the new certificate can be issued. You can collect the certificate at the time of inspection and the technical inspection staff will affix a new identification sticker to the vehicle.

When a new certificate of conformity is issued, the registration is corrected. You should contact your dealer for this purpose.