The metro network in Brussels

The metro is a particularly efficient way of getting around Brussels. Because it runs mainly underground, it is sheltered from the uncertainties of traffic and therefore allows rapid travel from one end of the Region to the other.

The network has 59 stations and connects the main regional areas, such as offices, administrative centres, schools, shopping centres, hospitals, museums and sports facilities.

The metro lines operate from five in the morning until midnight. After that, the STIB bus network, Noctis, takes over at weekends from midnight to 3am. Alternatively, the Collecto collective taxi service provides a cheap ride every day from midnight to six in the morning.

The metro is operated by the Brussels public transport company, STIB, while Brussels Mobility manages the infrastructure.

Given the potential of the metro to relieve congestion in the region, the Métro Nord-Sud project includes the creation of a new M3 metro line.

All the information

The latest news, as well as information on the network, timetables and transport conditions, can be found on the website.