Awareness raising

STAPAS - the network of slow lanes in the Brussels-Capital Region

Thanks to this project, you can now determine functional and fast routes or more recreational routes (through parks and alleys) for your leisure time.

Brussels Mobility and the non-profit organisation Trage Wegen are offering two practical tools for planning your walks in the city.

  • A "be walking be Brussels" application available on the Google play store to plan your walking routes in the Brussels-Capital Region. It is possible to choose either the most direct walking route or the most pleasant route (i.e. the one that will allow you to walk through the parks, paths or shortcuts) that are located in the immediate vicinity of the route you have selected. Of course, sometimes the most direct is the most pleasant!
  • A new pocket atlas (2017 edition). This paper booklet also includes all the slow routes identified. It is available, on request and while stocks last, via the following e-mail address:

Other initiatives

Through numerous campaigns and actions, the Region raises motorists' awareness of the need to respect pedestrians and cyclists every year. Among the themes tackled in the past: respect for traffic lights, traffic rules at crossroads, parking on pedestrian crossings, the dangers of speeding, aggression and courtesy between users, etc. Each campaign is an opportunity to remind people of the rules of the road.

Brussels Mobility also supports company travel plans and school travel plans. Who hasn't come across a walking "pedibus" guided by one or other parent, resulting from the mobilisation around projects carried out in the framework of the School Travel Plans?