Importation as household goods

Without European approval number

A vehicle without a European approval number, which you are importing for a move to Belgium, can be registered in Belgium according to a specific procedure. Under this procedure, the vehicle is not approved. The vehicle cannot change ownership. An approval procedure must take place in the event of a subsequent sale in Belgium.

The moving procedure is started at the technical inspection centre of your choice. You must make an appointment to start such a procedure.

It is mandatory to bring the following documents:

With a valid technical inspection certificate from an EU Member State

If a vehicle has a valid technical inspection certificate issued in a Member State of the European Economic Area for a vehicle registered in that same Member State and proving that this vehicle has passed the technical inspection referred to in Directive 2014/45/EU, this vehicle is approved in the Brussels Capital Region.

Vehicles newly registered in the name of the same owner who was registered in another Member State of the European Economic Area retain the technical inspection certificate issued by that Member State. The technical inspection certificate is therefore accepted in the Brussels-Capital Region on condition that it is still valid in accordance with the frequency of technical inspections in Brussels.

If there is any doubt about the validity of the technical inspection certificate, it can be checked before being accepted.