Avenue du Parc / Parklaan

Status : Study

As part of the Avenue du Roi Urban Renewal Contract, Brussels Mobility is piloting the Avenue du Parc redevelopment project in partnership with the municipalities of Saint-Gilles and Forest, the STIB, Bruxelles Environnement and Vivaqua.

The scope of the project includes the entire Avenue du Parc between the Barrière de Saint-Gilles, an urban traffic junction, and Place Rochefort bordering the Parc de Forest, the green lung of the municipality.

What is a CRU?

An Urban Renewal Contract is a time-limited action plan that concentrates resources, energies and projects on a multi-communal area, with priority given to improving public spaces and urban networks, as well as creating infrastructures and housing and enhancing environmental and economic quality.

Existing situation

Avenue du Parc is a street that is used extensively by all modes of transport. It forms a link between the lower part of Forest and the upper part of Saint Gilles.

The green central berm accompanies the user from the barrier towards the large park, but it is currently an underused space.

Numerous floods affect the lower Forest. A hydrological study has been carried out by Brussels Environment and its recommendations will be taken into account in the project.

The ambitions of the project

The ambition is to create an emblematic urban project that can :

  • create a new urban and landscaped space of quality
  • create peaceful, friendly and caring places for everyone
  • reduce noise pollution due to the traffic load
  • improve the living environment by linking with existing green spaces
  • to respond to flooding problems through rainwater management solutions
  • improve the interaction between the public space and the functions along the avenue

The project is thus in line with the reflections of the new traffic plan being studied in the framework of the ParviS Local Mobility Contract. More information on this LMC can be found on the websites of the municipalities of Saint Gilles and Forest.

As a continuation of the citizen participation process underway within the framework of the CLM, a citizen consultation linked to the redevelopment project will take place during the autumn of 2021. Citytools has been entrusted with the mission of citizen participation.

Citizen participation

Come and give your opinion on the redevelopment of Avenue du Parc!

19 February 2022 - 14h00 - 17h00

Rue du Fort 35
1060 Saint-Gilles

  • presentation of the field diagnosis
  • testing scenarios for its future redevelopment

Please confirm your participation: florentine.sieux@citytools.be


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