Vandervelde Square

Status : Study

As part of the Urban Renovation Contract No. 3 "West Station", Brussels Mobility is launching a mission to redevelop Vandervelde Square, Albert I Square and the Mons road linking these two areas. The assignment will be carried out by the ORG-BBS consortium within the framework of the BKP (Beeldkwaliteitsplan) contracting platform.


For Vandervelde Square, various ambitions are envisaged in order to transform this intersection into a comprehensible space, suitable for all active modes. We will look at how Vandervelde Square can be transformed into a quality public space and a meeting place for the residents of the Cureghem and Wayez districts and for passers-by.

Like Vandervelde Square, Albert I Square is currently a highly fragmented space. During the month of October, the study office will map out the full potential of the space together with the residents. How can Albert Square I become a quality public space again? Can Albert Square I once again play a role as a fundamental public space for the Cureghem district? And how can this be achieved?


The first phase of the project includes a participation phase. This took place in October 2021. By means of interviews (on the street), group walks during the day and in the evening, and a summary workshop, the study office will examine the needs and expectations of the residents. These needs will then be translated into general principles and integrated into the redevelopment project.


What is an Urban Renewal Contract?

An Urban Renewal Contract  is a regional programme that concentrates resources, energies and projects on a multi-communal perimeter, with the priorities of improving public space and urban networking, creating infrastructure and housing and enhancing environmental and economic quality.


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  • Anderlecht

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Bruxelles Mobilité

Place Saint-Lazare, 2
1035 Bruxelles
0800 94 001

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