Vandervelde Square

Status : Study

As part of the Urban Renovation Contract No. 3 "West Station", Brussels Mobility is launching a mission to redevelop Vandervelde Square, Albert I Square and the Mons road linking these two areas. The assignment will be carried out by the ORG-BBS consortium within the framework of the BKP (Beeldkwaliteitsplan) contracting platform.


For Vandervelde Square, various ambitions are envisaged in order to transform this intersection into a comprehensible space, suitable for all active modes. We will look at how Vandervelde Square can be transformed into a quality public space and a meeting place for the residents of the Cureghem and Wayez districts and for passers-by.

Like Vandervelde Square, Albert I Square is currently a highly fragmented space. During the month of October, the study office will map out the full potential of the space together with the residents. How can Albert Square I become a quality public space again? Can Albert Square I once again play a role as a fundamental public space for the Cureghem district? And how can this be achieved?

What is an Urban Renewal Contract?

An Urban Renewal Contract  is a regional programme that concentrates resources, energies and projects on a multi-communal perimeter, with the priorities of improving public space and urban networking, creating infrastructure and housing and enhancing environmental and economic quality.


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  • Anderlecht

Contracting authorities

Bruxelles Mobilité

Place Saint-Lazare, 2
1035 Bruxelles
0800 94 001

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