Restamping of the VIN

In some circumstances, it may be necessary to have the VIN re-stamped onto an older vehicle. These circumstances depend on the production date:

Old model produced before 15 June 1968:

  • The vehicle manufacturer no longer exists
  • The vehicle has never been registered as an old model in Belgium
  • A red technical inspection certificate was issued with the following sanction 3 code: VIN not found or illegible

Old model produced after 15 June 1968:

  • A red inspection certificate was issued with the sanction 3 code (VIN not found or illegible)
  • The vehicle manufacturer no longer exists

Step 1: the application

An application for a new VIN can be made by sending a copy of the following documents to

  • Proof of purchase (invoice)
  • registration certificate (the old foreign registration certificate or a copy of both sides of the last Belgian registration certificate
  • certificate of compliance - PVA (if it exists)
  • photographs of the front and side of the vehicle
  • photograph of the manufacturer's identification plate
  • photograph of the engine number if present
  • photograph of the VIN

Please note: an old British model must be accompanied by a certificate from the British Heritage Trust.

Our service only processes paid applications, which is why we send a payment request to the applicant as soon as possible. The file will be processed as soon as possible once payment is received.

Step 2: re-stamping

A vehicle's VIN can be re-stamped by the garage of your choice. Please note that the VIN must be stamped directly onto the chassis in a legible font and be at least 7 mm high.

Step 3: vehicle inspection

As soon as payment has been made, our service will contact you to make an appointment. During this inspection, we will verify if the photographs in the file match the vehicle. We will also note additional vehicle data and check that the VIN is at least 7 mm high.

The inspection takes place in the vicinity of our offices in the Iris Tower.

Stap 4: VIN re-stamping certificate

If the vehicle inspection has been successful, you will receive a "VIN re-stamping" certificate by mail. This certificate is not available immediately after the inspection.

Title 5: inspection at a technical inspection center

A visit to a technical inspection centre of your choice is required after the re-stamping and our inspection. The inspection will validate the VIN.