Opération cartable

Getting to and from school represents the bulk of a child's daily travel. It is therefore mainly there that they will learn the right behaviour to adopt and that they will develop good habits to go to school safely.

Opération cartable, organised by Brussels Mobility in collaboration with the police zones, consists of providing primary schools in the Brussels-Capital Region with fun and illustrated tools to tackle the subject of road safety.

Each year, at the start of the school year, a poster illustrating the theme is distributed to schools.

On the operation-cartable.mobilite.brussels website, children have access to animated advice and interactive educational games on the different modes of transport.

The website also offers many practical tools for teachers and parents:

  • educational sheets for teachers with suggested activities to easily integrate the theme of road safety into their lessons, in a manner adapted to primary school pupils
  • advice for parents on how to help their child(ren) learn about road safety for all modes of travel (walking, cycling, public transport, etc.).
  • Since the start of the school year in 2021, a new section of the site has been offering teaching tools specially adapted to secondary school pupils.

During the period of the daylight saving time change, when it becomes darker, an awareness campaign is conducted in schools on the theme of "visibility".