Some advice

When you take a taxi, ALWAYS check that the taxi driver has started his taxi meter at the start of the journey.

Before leaving the taxi at the end of the taxi ride, ALWAYS ensure that the driver gives you a printed ticket (and not a handwritten receipt). This is an obligation with which the taxi driver must comply!

This ticket gives the taxi identification number, data about your taxi ride and the Region's freephone number that you can use in the event of lost property or objects found in the taxi or when there has been an issue with your taxi ride and you want to submit a complaint.

If you are refused a ride, please take note of the 4-digit taxi identification number that you can find on a small rectangular plate attached to the car's right-hand bumper and both rear wings. This identification number also appears in two specific places inside the vehicle:

  • on the rate card on the back of one of the headrests;
  • on a small plate attached to the car's dashboard.

This number could be useful in helping you identify the taxi in the event of a complaint.