The bus network in Brussels

The Brussels public transport company, STIB, operates 50 bus routes that serve the entire territory of the Brussels-Capital Region, right down to the last corner.

The public transport companies of the Flemish Region, DE LIJN, and the Walloon Region, TEC, operate bus routes from towns on the periphery of Brussels to the Brussels Region. One example is the Conforto, a fast bus that connects Louvain-la-Neuve and Wavre to Brussels, using the emergency lane of the E411 during rush hour.

Numerous projects to improve the speed of the various lines are being carried out or are under study. The improvement of passenger comfort and safety is also taken into account by the redesign of certain stops in this perspective.

Moving around at night

Most of the STIB's bus routes operate from five in the morning until midnight. In addition, for your night-time travel, the STIB offers a night bus network, Noctis, which runs on Friday and Saturday evenings from midnight to around 3am. This night network does not require a special ticket, but is accessible with a valid day ticket.

In addition, the Region has developed the Collecto service in collaboration with the STIB. This service offers a low-cost collective taxi system every night between midnight and 6am.

To Brussels Airport

Lines 12 and 21 connect the European quarter with Brussels Airport.