Pre-diagnosis of school mobility

Every three years, every kindergarten, primary and secondary school in all networks and all types of education is obliged to submit a 'pre-diagnosis of school mobility' form to the Brussels Regional Public Service.

Thanks to this pre-diagnosis form :

  • you yourself will have a better understanding of the current mobility situation in your school and its surrounding
  • you provide the Region with the necessary information to better assess school mobility and take it into account in its policy
  • you can apply to start a School Mobility Plan

This document contains :

  • the characteristics of the school (number of pupils and staff, timetables, etc.
  • a description of the accessibility of the school for the different modes of transport
  • an analysis of student travel to and from school, as well as travel for school activities
  • an analysis of possible improvements in sustainable mobility and road safety already implemented or planned within the school


Is my school affected?

All kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, across all networks and all types of education, must draw up a pre-diagnosis of school mobility by 31 January 2022.

  • If your school is already involved in the School Mobility Plan process, you are not subject to this obligation. However, you are required to update your diagnosis and action plan every 3 years.
  • If your school has more than 100 employees, it is already subject to the obligation to produce a company travel plan. In this case, you should fill in an adapted form (see below).

Please note: schools with several locations must submit a school mobility pre-diagnosis for each separate location! We consider a separate location to be one where at least 30 staff members work on a site and it is more than 500m away from the main school location. If several levels of education (e.g. a kindergarten and a primary school), with different managements, are present at the same address, these different levels are also considered to be separate establishments.

What should my school do?

You have to fulfil the obligation to pre-diagnose school mobility before 31 January 2022.

First possibility: submit online

From 30 September 2021, you can complete the pre-diagnosis form via this link :

After creating an account, you can start filling in the form. You can save it at any time and resume this task later.

To create your account, preferably use a generic school (secretariat or management) e-mail address. The person filling in the form must have access to this e-mail address.

Second possibility: submit on paper

Would you like to complete the form on paper? Or do you want to create a draft version before filling in the form online? Then you can download and print the  formulaire de prédiagnostic de mobilité scolaire.docx (130.88 KB) .

Then you must send the completed form by registered mail to: Brussels Mobility - Direction Mobility and Road Safety, Kristof De Mesmaeker, Iris Tower - Place Saint-Lazare 2, 1035 Brussels.

Brussels Mobility provides you with a survey form that can help you make a pre-diagnosis:

My school has over 100 employees

Schools with more than 100 employees (reference date: 15/10 last) are subject to the obligation to draw up a company mobility plan and a pre-diagnosis of school mobility.

In order to simplify administration, a common form has been created. You can download and print  le formulaire.docx (561.99 KB) ici.

You must then return the completed form by registered mail by 31 January 2022 at the latest to Brussels Mobility - Mobility and Road Safety, Kristof De Mesmaeker, Iris Tower - Place Saint-Lazare 2, 1035 Brussels.

More info :

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