Taxis for people with reduced mobility

Out of 1,105 Brussels taxis, 97 are equipped to transport people in a wheelchair.

In the event of refusal, an unusually long waiting time or any other problem with your request for a taxi for people with reduced mobility, please contact the Brussels Mobility Taxi Department immediately on 0800 94 001 giving the date and time of the issue as well as the name of the taxi company or telephone call centre in question.

If you wish to book a taxi for people with reduced mobility, contact one of the societies on the list below.

People with disabilities can also use the STIB's TaxiBus service. A person with a disability is a person who has an appropriate document from the FPS Social Security. You must be registered beforehand to be able to use this system.

If you wish to use the TaxiBus service, you must call the STIB call centre (02 515 23 65) to inform them of your need for a ride. In the event of a complaint, you should submit your complaint via the STIB website if you have used the TaxiBus system.