Brussels by car

The private car is not the ideal solution for getting around the city. Traffic jams, pollution, parking difficulties, stress, etc. are all disadvantages of this mode of transport.

The Region has several effective alternatives to the car. There is already much more cycling infrastructure than you might think and it is only getting better. Public transport is becoming increasingly efficient and comfortable. Walking is an option that allows you to take your mind off work, and offers the opportunity to discover one or another business while keeping fit and avoiding the stress of traffic!

The Bruxell'Air bonus, in the form of a "mobility" package, is granted to anyone who gives up their car and who lives in the Brussels Region.

For cases where the car is unavoidable, discover the various car-sharing systems or take a taxi! Finally, in the evening and at night, the Noctis public transport service and the Collecto taxis are at your disposal.

There are also car parks in and around the Region.