Good Knowledge


The management and evaluation of the regional mobility policy will be based on the following actions:

  • Improve the collection, analysis and dissemination of data (public and private) related to mobility in order to adjust the mobility plan and feed data for prospective and strategic studies;
  • Anticipate innovation in terms of mobility through permanent and proactive technological monitoring, based on the sharing of experiences and knowledge;
  • Communicate continuously and effectively on the implementation and achievement of the mobility policy and the goals of the Good Move plan.

Brussels Mobility has developed an Observatory of Mobility and Road Safety which presents analyses on mobility, the Bike Observatory, studies, mobility indicators, the Cahiers de l’Observatoire, etc. in order to give an objective picture of the situation in Brussels.

The Brussels Region, in partnership with the Flemish Region, will launch a large-scale household survey, in which 22,400 randomly selected Brussels residents will receive a letter inviting them to take part in a survey on their travel behaviour. The objective is to update the image of mobility in the capital.

Furthermore, the Region has a central role to play in sharing mobility data, which can be transformed into new services in the context of a smart city. Thus, Brussels Mobility has collected and collated a range of data related to mobility and public works in geographical information systems (Mobigis), which are accessible to the public and provide various interactive maps. The Brussels public sector has also gathered a wealth of information related to mobility on its Open Data Store portal. One of the Region's objectives, through this channel, is to allow citizens or mobility professionals to consult this data or to reuse it to create mobile applications facilitating mobility for all!

Brussels Mobility also monitors the latest technology developments in mobility and road safety as well as the latest developments in technologies related to autonomous vehicles.