Driving schools

Driving schools must be accredited, as must the driving school instructors and managers. The distribution between Regions is as follows (applications and fees):

  • A driving school is answerable to the Region in which it is located (address of the licensee's head office)
  • Certified staff members are answerable to the driving school and therefore to the Region in which it is located.
  • A business unit is answerable to the Region in which it is located, even if this is different from that of the driving school. 


Please note! New regulation in the Brussels Region from November 2018:

For an overview of the changes: see the driver training page

List of schools and publications


These administrative documents are essential for managing your driving school.

Applications for driving school accreditation, authorisation to run a business unit and land approvals must be submitted by registered mail.

New teaching certificates for category B  

Note: a certified copy of the candidate's registration card must be attached to the teaching certificate.

2024 fees

The following tariffs are applicable for the fees payable by driving schools to the Brussels Regional Public Service.

Accreditation of a driving school

345 €

Substantial modification of one piece of information in the accreditation

172 €

Permit to operate a business unit

172 €

Substantial modification of the information in the authorisation

172 €

Approval of a new training area

172 €

These fees are paid when applying for driving school accreditation, when applying for a licence to operate a business unit or when applying for a substantial change in the information relating to an accreditation or licence (including an application for approval of a new training area).

Hiring a certified staff member or trainee

73 €

This fee must be paid prior to the start of employment of the staff member to whom it relates.

The annual fees for 2024 are:

172 € per accredited driving school

172 € per business unit

73 € per certified staff member or trainee

Access to the profession of driving school instructor

Do you want to become a driving school instructor?


Course modalities when hiring a driving school trainee instructor.docx (214.37 KB)

The Brussels Regional Public Service is not yet able to organise the examinations for the professional aptitude certificates for driver training.

You can register for the French-language examinations organised by the Walloon Region.

The form and the registration conditions are on their website mobilite.wallonie.be

The contact address is formation.conduite.automobile@spw.wallonie.be

Professionals from other EU/EEA Member State/Switzerland

Temporary and occasional driving

If you are already legally established in a Member State and you want to exercise your profession in Belgium temporarily, the following information must be provided to the administration via the driving school that employs you:

  • proof of your nationality
  • a declaration certifying that you are legally established in a Member State and that you are not prohibited, even temporarily, from exercising your profession
  • a copy of your driver's licence
  • proof of your professional qualifications
  • if neither the profession nor the training is regulated in the country in which you are established, proof by any means that you have carried out your activities for two years during the previous ten years
  • an extract from your criminal record, template 596.1-7, which proves your good conduct
  • proof that you speak French or Dutch
  • a certificate of aptitude for group 2 driver's licence applicants (medical screening)

Any material change in the situation established by these documents must result in the notification of the new documents attesting to the change. This information must be notified within three months from the date of the actual material change.

Permanent establishment

If you settle in Belgium permanently, you must submit an application to have your professional qualifications recognised and obtain authorisation to teach or manage as stipulated in Article 12, § 2, of the Royal Decree of 11 May 2004 on the conditions for the accreditation of motor vehicles driving schools, as well as the corresponding certificates referred to in Article 24 of the above-mentioned Royal Decree.

Information: mobilite.wallonie.be and vlaanderen.be

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