Brussels Mobility is ready for the winter

Brussels Mobility is on 24-hour standby to ensure smooth traffic in winter conditions. We closely follow the weather forecasts in order to preventively grit the roads, especially at night. Thanks to our own measuring equipment, we know the exact condition of the ground on the road or the cycle path.

For a complete treatment of the road network, our gritting lorries drive more than 800 km divided into 17 rounds, and this in 3.5 hours. This requires 85 tonnes of salt. Bruxelles Mobility grits all the regional roads: main roads, major intersections, tunnels and viaducts.

In addition to the 17 major road gritting rounds, there are 14 extra rounds to clear the cycle paths of snow using small, flexible machines. In this way, we encourage cyclists to continue cycling in winter.

Currently, almost 3,000 tonnes of salt are available in the storage areas. With a view to sustainable development, Brussels Mobility transports the salt via the canal and has invested in a brine dilution station to adjust the salt concentration to the local situation and use as little salt as possible.

Other measures against the cold

Between the end of November and the beginning of spring, all fountains go into hibernation. We shut them down and dismantle them to clean them. We replace the seals on the pumps and other equipment and, of course, maintain the water basins. Four large fountains will continue to work: those at Montgomeryplein, Koning Albert II-laan (Pol Bury), Stefaniaplein and Simonisplein. They will only be shut down if the temperature drops below zero and the water threatens to freeze.

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