Rue Belliardstraat

Status : Study

Redevelopment of Rue Belliard, between Avenue des Arts in Brussels and Avenue d'Auderghem in Etterbeek.

This project consists of the construction of a new raised cycle path and the resurfacing of the pavements, which will be slightly wider.

A traffic lane from the Avenue des Arts to the Chaussée d'Etterbeek will be replaced by two one-way cycle tracks, as in the current test.

The "Parc Léopold" bus stop will be moved to Place Jean Rey.

The public space that currently accommodates parking from the chaussée d'Etterbeek to the Avenue d'Auderghem will be replaced by vegetation, a new cycle path and an extension of the pedestrian space.

General project information


  • Brussels city

Contracting authorities

Bruxelles Mobilité

Place Saint-Lazare, 2
1035 Bruxelles
0800 94 001

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