Separate bicycle paths and wide pavements on the inner ringroad

Status : En exécution

The inner beltway encircles the centre of Brussels. This ring road is home to many meeting places, busy metro stations, commercial centres and green areas. The Brussels Region wants to turn this into a pleasant environment, with a new park at the Ninoofsepoort, space for pedestrians and cyclists along the canal, terraces on the Rogierplein. Various projects are underway, such as the revitalisation of the Zuidwijk, the complete redesign of the public space on the Guldenvlieslaan and the Waterloo Boulevard between Louiza and the Naamsepoort.

To connect all these places, work is being done on wide pavements and separate and safe cycle paths. In total, eight different zones will be redesigned. This should improve the quality of life of the residents and the ease of use for visitors.

  • A more pleasant city life
  • An optimal division of the public space
  • Safe traffic for people with reduced mobility, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Accessible neighbourhoods
  • Smoother car traffic
  • Through traffic via the tunnels and the central lane


Zone 1: Sainctelette to av Héliport/ Helihavenlaan

Zone 2: Helihavenlaan to avenue Albert II

Works have started.

Zone 3: Ginestestraat to place Quetelet

The refurbishment was completed.

Zone 4: Madou - Scailquinstraat - Chaussée de Louvain/Leuvensesteenweg

This zone also includes a section of the Leuvensesteenweg, and has been completed in the meantime.

Zone 5: van Madou to Porte de Namur/ Naamsepoort

The refurbishment was completed.

Zone 6: Guldenvlieslaan/Toison d'Or /Waterloolaan

A facade-to-facade project is currently being studied.

Zone 7: van Louiza tot Nieuwland

The refurbishment was completed.

Zone 8: de Poincarélaan, de Zuidlaan en de Slachthuislaan tussen Lemonnier en de Ninoofsepoort

The refurbishment was completed.

General project information


  • Brussels city
  • Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
  • Ixelles
  • Saint-Gilles
  • Anderlecht

Contracting authorities

Bruxelles Mobilité

Place Saint-Lazare, 2
1035 Bruxelles
0800 94 001

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