Adaptations for people with disabilities

In some situations, it is necessary to adapt a vehicle so that people with disabilities can still travel independently. However, the modifications must be approved if they are not included in the original approval certificate. Either the bodyshop is not a COP manufacturer and the approval procedure is initiated by the Conformity Department of the technical inspection centre on Rue Colonel Bourg in Evere (ACT). Or the bodybuilder is an approved COP manufacturer and undertakes the necessary steps for approval and the issuing of the registration application.

The procedure takes place in five steps via the technical inspection centre:

Submission of the file

The customer makes an appointment with the technical department. A file containing all the necessary information is created. It is important that the customer presents the vehicle together with the following documents:

  • copy of the COC or certificate of conformity or the foreign import documents
  • copy of the registration certificate if the vehicle is registered
  • FPS Social Security certificate
  • documentation for each component or system use
  • written authorisation from the manufacturer of the basic vehicle is always necessary for a vehicle adapted for the transport of persons with reduced mobility and will sometimes be required by the FPS for the adaptation of a vehicle to be driven by a person with reduced mobility (in particular if the weight of any replacement seat is much greater than the weight of the original seat)
  • up-to-date CARA certification issued by the VIAS Institute

Examination of the file by the regional Approval department

Our Approval department will check the file submitted by the technical department. Either the Approval department accepts the application and gives its authorisation, or the file is not accepted.

Acceptance by the department means that the file will be accepted if the changes are made correctly and in accordance with the file submitted. In the event of refusal, comments will be sent to the technical department. It is the responsibility of the technical department to communicate these comments to the customer. The customer can amend/complete the file via the technical department or abandon the modification project.

Inspection of the adapted vehicle

The procedure can only be done at the Evere station. This station will examine the match between the file submitted and the adaptations made. In addition, the technical department will check whether the modifications have been carried out according to the rules of the trade.

Depending on the inspection, the following results are possible:

  • The vehicle is completely modified in accordance with the file and the rules of the trade. The procedure continues.
  • The vehicle has been modified in accordance with the file, but the modifications have not been done according to the rules of the trade. The modifications must be corrected and the vehicle must return to the technical service to continue the procedure.
  • The vehicle has not been modified in accordance with the file. The customer can correct the changes and resubmit the vehicle or add additional information to the file. If changes are made to the file, the procedure must be repeated from the beginning.

Inspection report

After the inspection, the technical department will provide the file to the competent authority. As of now, our department can definitely send a certificate of approval as an isolated case. The certificate of approval will be sent to the technical department.

Administrative regularisation

The customer is informed as soon as the technical department receives the certificate. The individual approval certificate is issued to the customer by the technical department. A new identification plate is also affixed. The technical department must issue a new registration application for a correction of a registration certificate. The vehicle can now be registered on the basis of the new registration approval certificate.


A vehicle that has been modified by a manufacturer can be restored to its original condition, if desired. To do this, the customer can contact a technical department, which will carry out a procedure to verify that the changes have been completely eliminated. If this is the case, a new approval procedure is started. A registration application is issued together with a technical inspection certificate.

Please note that restoration will no longer be possible in the event of major modifications (e.g. lowering of the floor).