Motorhome conversion

The vehicle must comply with the applicable European Regulation (858/2018/EC and earlier) or with the Royal Decree of 15 March 1968, Chapter 1, Article 1, paragraph 2, point 69 concerning the definition of a motorhome. The decree in question can be found via the following link (§2, definition number 69): LAW - WET (

Conversion into a motor home is only possible if the vehicle includes a living space with at least the following equipment:

  • Seats and table
  • Beds (created with or without the use of seats)
  • Kitchen space
  • Storage space

This equipment must be permanently attached, but the table can be designed to be easily removable. The vehicle must correspond to the motorhome philosophy, according to which it must be possible to stay in it comfortably.

In addition, there are certain standards governing the installation of gas cylinders. Here is a short, exhaustive list:

  • The installation of an LPG tank as a domestic gas supply is authorised
  • The gas cylinder(s) must be located in a sealed compartment ventilated to the outside
  • The gas cylinder(s) must be securely fastened. If several cylinders are used at the same time, a partition must separate them in the dedicated compartment
  • the cylinder(s) must not come into contact with the compartment walls