Parking policy plan

The Regional Parking Policy Plan (PRPS) aims to adopt a coherent parking policy by harmonising the rules between the 19 municipalities.

The parking policy is a real mobility tool. It aims to free up road space for other modes of transport and to encourage alternatives to the private car. It is an integral part of other regional plans and is the basis of the parking component of the Good Move Regional Mobility Plan. Establishing and enforcing on-street parking regulations that take into account the specificity of neighbourhoods introduces rotation and makes it easier for all users to find a space.

The strategy targets all types of vehicles: shared and unshared cars, taxis, bicycles, motorbikes, coaches, trucks and vans, etc. and also includes the issue of delivery zones. It addresses the number of spaces to be devoted to on-street parking but also off-street parking (public car parks, P+R, parking for residents).

With a view to optimising traffic, Brussels Mobility is working with Brussels Environment to implement the COBRACE rules in the context of the environmental permits granted for office car parks in order to regulate the parking of commuters' vehicles as effectively as possible.

Download : plan_stationnement.pdf(PDF) (7.93 MB)

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