Complete redesign of Alsembergsesteenweg between Globe and Coghen

Status : En exécution

The Alsembergsesteenweg between Globe and Coghen will get new tram tracks and the utility pipes (water, gas, electricity and telecommunications) will also need to be replaced. The opportunity will be taken to renew the entire road surface from facade to facade.

This redesign of the public space will increase comfort for active modes (e.g. pedestrians and cyclists). The accessibility for people with reduced mobility is also central to the whole project. The user-friendliness of the tram will be improved, so that shoppers can reach local shops more easily.

Because the roadway is not wide enough everywhere, choices have to be made when dividing up the limited space. For example, parking spaces will be scrapped, there will be no room for cycle paths and the width of the pavement will remain limited.

  • Shopping centre Uccle: This section is 530 metres long and runs from Globe, at the intersection with Stallestraat, to the intersection with Alphonse Asselbergsstraat. There are virtually no differences in level and the road will be laid in natural stone, with wide pavements and trees at the parking areas.
  • The second section will be laid out in the same way, following consultation at the request of local residents. The construction without level differences planned for the core of Uccle-Centre will be extended over a distance of 320 m between Asselbergsstraat and Floréallaan. This modification will provide a significant improvement in pedestrian space while recovering a number of parking spaces useful to the trade in Uccle-Centre.
  • The final section runs from Avenue de la Floréall to Avenue Coghen. This sloping section includes many different functions (shops and housing). The road is slightly wider, allowing for parking, tree planting, wider pavements and a separate cycle path.

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  • Uccle

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Bruxelles Mobilité

Place Saint-Lazare, 2
1035 Bruxelles
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Enquête publique Du 1/10/2019 au 30/10/2019
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