Redevelopment of the chaussée de Neerstalle between the rue André Baillon and the chaussée de Ruisbroek

Status : En exécution

This project is in line with the need to renew the tram tracks of the roadway and brings about the redevelopment of the public space, from façade to façade.

To the north, the project is linked to the one developed by the municipality of Forest, as part of the "Coeur de Forest" neighbourhood contract. These two projects were developed in parallel with the desire to respect the Good Partner component of Good Move.

In the south, the project connects to the tram track switches that were installed as part of the Marconi tram depot development project.

The scope of the intervention concerns the section of the Neerstalle road between number 73 (North) and number 385 (South).

General project information


  • Forest

Contracting authorities

Bruxelles Mobilité

Place Saint-Lazare, 2
1035 Bruxelles
0800 94 001


Name Date More informations
Demande de permis d'urbanisme 2/4/2021
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