Road safety plan

Brussels must become a city with a human dimension, where it is pleasant to live and where people feel safe and comfortable. Traffic and road safety are very important elements in this respect: when people choose to move out of the city, the reasons given are often related to these aspects (such as the lack of traffic safety or the fear of letting their children play in the street).

A lot of progress has been made in recent years: on average, the number of fatalities and serious injuries has decreased by about 30%. But we cannot be satisfied with this, there is still a long way to go.

The Road Safety Action Plan proposes a coherent set of objectives and concrete measures that will make it possible to reduce the number of victims by half. To this end, "vision zero" is applied: every victim is one too many. The most important challenges and objectives for the Brussels Region are based on objective analyses of accident data. The experts have calculated the number of lives that can be saved if these targets are met.

And the figures speak for themselves: if, for example, the speed is reduced by an average of 5km/h, 50 to 60 deaths and serious injuries can be avoided per year. The plan includes many concrete actions of this kind. So it really is possible to save lives.

More info:  Plan d'actions régional de sécurité routière 2021-2030.pdf(PDF) (2.48 MB)  (administrative version)