Category L

Category L vehicles imported from a country outside the European Union (+ Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) and which do not have European type approval may be subject to a conformity procedure via a specific procedure. This procedure depends on the date of the first registration. 

To-wheeled motorcycles first registered before 1 July 2004

For these Category L vehicles, you must make an appointment with an approved technical control centre. In Brussels, the SA inspection station in Anderlecht can perform this.

Appointments can be made directly through the inspection centre. The centre expects the following documents at the appointment:

  • Copy of the purchase invoice
  • Copy of the vehicle's technical data sheet or the registration certificate from the country of origin

Vehicles (L) first registered after 1 July 2004 or new vehicles

This procedure applies to two-wheeled motorcycles registered for the first time after 1 July 2004, new two-wheeled motorcycles and new or used three- or four-wheeled motorcycles.

For these vehicles, a file is submitted directly to our service. This file can be submitted by sending the following documents to

  • Copy of the purchase invoice
  • Copy of the vehicle's official technical data sheet or the registration certificate issued by the country of origin
  • The vehicle must be cleared through customs, which will be electronically verified during the registration process

Please note that if no emission is mentioned on the issued document, a certificate from the manufacturer/agent/importer must be provided. The certificate indicates the limit values of the vehicle concerned.

Our service only processes paid applications, which is why we send a payment request to the applicant as soon as possible. The file will be processed further once payment is received.