Bergensesteenweg: redesign between Hof ter Vleestdreef and Van Laerstraat

Status : Study

This project is part of the construction of the COOVI park&ride and follows the recommendations made in the impact assessment that accompanied the planning permit application.

It should lead to more efficient public transport in the vicinity of the metro station. There will be a direct connection for the various bus lines serving Bergensesteenweg to the intermodal platform that will be built on the former metro parking lot. This will be a passenger-friendly area with many trees and safe crossings for pedestrians.

For car traffic, there will be better connections to the Ring Road and the entrances to the major shops in the area. The road will also be adapted to the new car park.

This project should also make this gateway to the city more attractive from an urban development point of view. It adapts to the current urban fabric and embellishes the surroundings by planting new trees.



General project information

Technical specifications


  • Anderlecht

Contracting authorities

Bruxelles Mobilité

Place Saint-Lazare, 2
1035 Bruxelles
0800 94 001


Name Date More informations
Demande de permis d'urbanisme 7/12/2017 note_de_presentation.pdf
Enquête publique Du 10/1/2018 au 8/2/2018
Obtention du permis d'urbanisme 13/9/2018 permis_urbanisme.pdf
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