Redesign of the Thomas Tunnel, the Vooruitgangstraat / rue du Progrès and the Koninginnelaan / Avenue de la Reine

Status : En exécution

This project mainly concerns the relocation of the tram tracks, the relocation of the tram stops and the modification of some traffic directions in the neighbourhood.

  • Car traffic in the Koninginnetunnel will be abolished.
  • Traffic from the Jules de Trooz Square will no longer have access to the Koninginnelaan.
  • Traffic from Aarschotstraat coming from North Station will have to turn right onto Koninginnelaan. Traffic on Koninginnelaan coming from the Liedtsquare must turn right onto the Aarschotstraat.
  • The tram tracks for lines 93 and 62 will be modified so that they enter the Koninginnelaan tunnel, thus avoiding the loop through the Thomas tunnel.
  • The tram stops at Liedtsplein will be temporarily installed on Koninginnelaan.
  • The Thomas and Koninginnetunnel will therefore be reserved exclusively for the traffic of public transport, non-motorised modes and ambulances; The tram tracks in the Thomas tunnel will be relocated.

The opportunity will be taken to make other adjustments:

  • Laying out of the Thomas and Koninginetunnel
  • Create a shared space for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Clearance of the pavements: poles, furniture, electric cabins, etc.
  • Creation of small meeting areas
  • Securing pedestrian crossings

Since the majority of the municipality's public spaces have recently been renovated, the project aims to make improvements to the existing situation at specific points.
Except for the temporary tram stops that will be built on Koninginnelaan, the other changes are final.

General project information

Technical specifications


  • Schaerbeek

Contracting authorities

Bruxelles Mobilité

Place Saint-Lazare, 2
1035 Bruxelles
0800 94 001


Name Date More informations
Demande de permis d'urbanisme 26/9/2017 rapport_dincidences.pdf
Enquête publique Van 16/12/2017 tot 14/1/2018
Commission de concertation 19/1/2018
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