Validation category L

Motorcycles, two-, three- and four-wheel mopeds, motorcycles with and without sidecars, light and heavy quad bikes for road use and light and heavy quad bikes registered in a country of the European Union (including Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland) without a European approval number can be registered in Belgium via a validation procedure. To register a vehicle that meets these conditions, you must request a validation certificate from the Approval Department of Brussels Mobility.

A validation certificate can be requested by sending a copy of the following documents to

  • Copy of the original registration certificate (for registration from the Netherlands, a copy of both sides of the electronic card)
  • Copy of both sides of your identity card
  • Copy of the registration application with the DIV (red paper)
  • Official copy of the vehicle's technical data sheet (power in KW and sound level in DBA rpm are required to process the file)
  • Full contact information of the applicant (to send the application fee request and the certificate)
  • photo of the VIN
  • photo of the construction plate
  • photo of the mileometer
  • photographs of the vehicle (front and rear + both sides)
  • proof of purchase

Our service only processes paid applications, which is why we send a payment request to the applicant as soon as possible. The file will be processed as soon as possible once payment is received.

Note: payment for the application does not guarantee that a validation certificate will be issued; additional information may be requested by the relevant authority or the application may be rejected where applicable.